The 2021-2022 yearbook staff was comprised of 22 students ranging from sophomores to seniors. Since yearbook is a student run class, it was extremely important to the Senior Editor-in-Chief, Mary, that she was always available for questions and constantly updating and improving the myraid of resources that were available to the staff. The Managing editor, Samay, helped to design the yearbook cover, color palette, font package and artistic elements that repetitively occur throughout the book. The theme "Stand Out Together," was actually created by the Academics editor, Evan, during a brainstorming meeting the prior year. The rest of the staff were all new members and were quick to learn the assignments and support each other in navigating the world of journalism and "yearbooking."

All the seniors held leadership positions. Eda was Business Manager and did an excellent job placing ads, contacting parents and proof reading the ad section for discontinuities and typos. Carolyn Darcy was Activities editor and oversaw the extracurriculars and club pages which was no small feat considering clubs run from September to the very end of the year. Melissa and Natalie were Senior editors with the responsbility of completing the whole senior section: senior portraits, senior shout outs, senior good-byes and senior superlatives. Evan was Academics editor and in charge of the academic section which is the first section of the yearbook with the very first deadlines. Finally, Sarah K. was Morale Officer along with sophomore Jessica and together they planned parties and were always available to talk to other staff members about anything and everything.

Besides the leadership roles held by seniors, there were plenty of other opportunities for the underclassmen to participate as managers and editors. Akshara, Ishika, Ariel and Kaniga were all Underclass editors, and similarly to the Senior editors, they were in charge of the features and accuracy of the underclass section in addition to the faculty section. Leigh and Ella were Media editors (a new role added for the 2021-22 school year) and their job was to assist Mary, the editor-in-chief in updating the yearbook website with the extra staff content that was not included in the book. Amanda, the only underclass yearbook veteran, was the Athletics editor with the job of the managing the entire athletic section of the book for Fall, Winter and Spring sports' seasons. Sarah B., Kristen, Lily, Emily, Kerri and Dennis were all general staff members who focused on completing weekly assignments and preparing for deadlines.

Every single person in the yearbook staff worked tirelessly throughout the year to create the masterpiece, that is the 2021-22 Stand Out Together yearbook. The amount teamwork, cooperation, communication and problem solving that the staff was able to achieve by the end of the year was truly amazing.

Publishing Representative

Ms. Kara Sterner

"Watching yearbook staff take a concept and capture all the special events of the year and pull it all into the finished yearbook, is so special. Helping the Hillsborough Yearbook staff work together to make this happen is the best part of my job."


Ms. Michelle Barkin Wetzel

"I'm grateful to work with such an amazing team of students each day. Guiding the staff to reach their fullest potential both with career-ready skills and increased self-confidence is beyond rewarding."

Senior Editor-in-Chief

Mary Buist

"I was certainly in for a challenge with training 18 new high schoolers how to be journalists, how to use a professional camera, photoshop and how to work together cooperatively as a team. To say the least, I am so proud of this year's staff and couldn't have asked for a better group."

Managing Editor

Samay Dhawan

"Working as an editor this year has been an enjoyable experience so far since I've been able to interact with all different kinds of people on the staff. I've also been able to help out with my senior year's yearbook and contribute with my design skills, making the book so much more valuable to me."

Business Manager

Eda Akkirman

"I plan on majoring in business in college and being a senior in yearbook has allowed me to explore my interest and dive deep in to the business aspect of yearbook."

Underclass Editor

Akshara Anand

"Working in the yearbook has allowed me to explore the field of journalism and expand my skills in photography. The staff creates a motivating and fun environment to work in, making the experience in yearbook even better."

General Staff

Sarah Bragger

"Yearbook is more like a job than a class: it is hard work, but there is much more freedom and everything done has a purpose. I can get nervous talking to and meeting new people, but it is very rewarding to step back and look at our finished work."

Media Editor

Kristen Caruso

"I love being a part of yearbook. It’s such a creative environment where everyone is working together to create something beautiful for the whole school to enjoy."

Media Editor

Leigh Chester

"I joined yearbook for the fun, get involved, and make friends as a new kid. I can 100% say I have achieved all those things, this class definitely makes my junior year as I enjoy spending time with all of you."

Media Editor

Ella Clancy

"Being a part of yearbook is an amazing experience and has helped me a lot in gaining ideas for the future. I love being able to put my writing and photography skills into something that everyone can enjoy and look back on through the years."

Activities Editor

Carolyn Darcy

"Working on yearbook as a senior allowed me to reflect on all the things accomplished in the past 4 years. It is nice to see how while some things have changed, many traditions still stand."

Underclass Editor

Ishika Dhawan

"Working on the yearbook is such a fun experience and it's really nice to be a part of the people who create something that many people cherish when they're older."

Senior Editor

Melissa Dorrler

"Before joining yearbook I was looking forward to just getting through senior year and finally graduating. But being in yearbook and getting the opportunity to be a senior editor has allowed me to get so much more involved and excited for my senior year. I got to stand on the sidelines of football games and comb through hundreds of senior quotes, what more can a girl ask for?"

Morale Officer

Jessica Galette

"I joined the yearbook to hopefully gain more friends and I hope I can do yearbook for the rest of my highschool experience!"

Athletics Editor

Amanda Gianetti

"I joined yearbook because it is a great way to become more involved in the school. Becoming athletics editor allowed me many opportunities to meet new people and do something I love. "

Underclass Editor

Ariel Griffith

"I decided to join the yearbook because I have an interest in journalism, mainly because of my favorite character, Rory Gilmore. My favorite part of being a part of the yearbook is being able to capture different candid moments from around the school."

General Staff

Lily Ju

"Yearbook has opened me to a unique perspective in my high school experience. The class has encouraged me to get more involved in school activities and connect with more people."

Morale Officer

Sarah Klein

"Being in yearbook as a senior has been such a rewarding experience. I have been given the position of morale officer and I enjoyed planning fun events for my peers to take part in."

Senior Editor

Natalie Kort

"Yearbook was that one class I always looked forward to throughout my day. I'm very thankful for the fun learning environment I was surrounded in as a Senior Editor as it made me very involved in my Senior Year!"

General Staff

Emily Miller

"I joined yearbook because the class seemed like a lot of fun. I enjoy learning about photography and improving at taking pictures."

Academics Editor

Evan Ngo

"Joining yearbook was among the best decisions I made in high school. Look back I realize how much it changed me for the better and I couldn't be more grateful."

General Staff

Kerri O'Donnell

"I originally joined Yearbook because I wanted to try something new and the idea of trying out the role of an interviewer seemed interesting. I really enjoy the creative aspect of Yearbook and the freedom we are given in class to complete our spreads."

General Staff

Dennis Ramirez

"Working in yearbook has been good because if I have a problem with one thing or my assigned page, I have a room full of helping peers that can help me. It's really like everyone is family."

Underclass Editor

Kaniga Senthil

"I joined yearbook because I am interested in photography and it seemed like a fun class. I really like the fun and easygoing environment of the class."