Reasons to join yearbook:

1.Yearbook class looks amazing on college applications since we learn real-world skills in writing, research, photography, design, technology, and leadership.

2. It’s unlike any other class- We work independently on our assignments and are graded on our pages. There’s no traditional lecture, tests, quizzes or exams. 

3.The class runs more like an office and employee/employer situation: you get an assignment, and you manage your own time. Each day you make a plan for yourself. This freedom to choose your tasks for the day is the biggest fringe benefit and the class is more fun and enjoyable because of that freedom. 

4. Instruction is not directly from the teacher. You learn as you go, finding solutions to problems, and there is more than one way to accomplish a task well. You can also design pages that suit your areas of interest. 

5. We create a professional quality published book at the end of the year that 1200 people will cherish for years to come. Our names are on that product, and we have something tangible to show for all our hard work. 

6.We work hard but play hard. We are sometimes stressed out when meeting our deadlines, but we celebrate every time we meet our goals. 

7. There are many leadership opportunities! We have at least eight leadership positions available each year. 

8. Since we interview students, teachers, and administrators, we strengthen our communication skills and confidence.

9.We attend publishing workshops and conventions to strengthen skills and bond through travel, sightseeing, and other activities. 

10. We learn about budget, marketing, and advertising which is great for a career in business. 

Applications are now closed

Thank you to everyone who applied 

Yearbook Recruitment 2023