Ramrod is Hillsborough High School's student run Yearbook class. Ramrod was created in 1969 when Hillsborough High School was first created and is based on the ramrod: the wooden device used to pack the gun powder into muskets. The Hillsborough Raider is actually based on the Patriots from the American Revolutionary War. Fun Fact: The choice for the school's mascot was between the "Farmers," and the "Raiders," and we chose the "Raiders." We ARE NOT the British red coats (as our mascot may misleadingly depict). Our mascot, the raider, is based on the "minute-men" who served in the militia using guerrilla warfare tacticts and their own bravery and spirit to win the war. Ramrod is a symbol of that perserverance and fight to win. In the yearbook room, the staff has yearbooks going all the way back to 1969. The yearbook staff helps to maintain this legacy that was started over 50 years ago by immortalizing the memories of the students and faculty in between the pages of the book.

Ramrod is also a nationally recognized aware winning yearbook. It has received the Diamond award (the highest award) from the Garden State Scholastic Press Association and the Gold award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

At Hillsborough High School, yearbook is an English elective and admittance into the class is by application only. After the yearbook has been sent off the printers, the yearbook staff focuses on recruitment for the next year. HHS Raiders can expect to see one, two or maybe three staff members pop into their English class after January with information regarding class applications and how to sign up.

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Publishing Representative

Ms. Kara Sterner

"Watching yearbook staff take a concept and capture all the special events of the year and pull it all into the finished yearbook, is so special. Helping the Hillsborough Yearbook staff work together to make this happen is the best part of my job."


Ms. Michelle Barkin Wetzel

"I'm grateful to work with such an amazing team of students each day. Guiding the staff to reach their fullest potential both with career-ready skills and increased self-confidence is beyond rewarding."

Editor In Chief

Sarah Bragger


Editor In Chief

Ishika Dhawan


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