2022 Literary Magazine
"A Rising Dawn"

Like to write or good at art?

Look out for the 2022 Literary Magazine, "A Rising Dawn."

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2021-2022 Literary Magazine, "A Rising Dawn"

Editor in Chief: Kristen Caruso

Managing Editor: Ishika Dhawan

Artistic Director: Sarah Bragger

Copy Editors: Akshara Anand and Ariel Griffith

Business Managers: Lily Ju and Kaniga Senthil

PR Team: Amanda Gianetti, Ella Clancy and Kerri O'Donnell

Winner of the 2022 Literary Magazine cover art competition

By: Jeffrey Paul Johnson

A Rainy Morning

Keira Slipekcallahan


Mary Fox

Starlgith Sunetset

Keira Slipekcallahan


Jarad Yili

Morning Mist

Gianna Trevino

Sky of Waves

Emma Barett

Rolling On

Mira Das


Jared Yili

Resurfacing Sunrise

Hiya Khan

Over the Clouds

Suhani Patel

Magestically Flying

Mary Buist


Sarah Bragger

Old Oak Alley

Gianna Trevino

Same Ocean, Same Sunrise

Sree Lakkamraju


Mary Fox

Berries in a Tree

Ishani Sheladia

Rising Dawn

Manasvi Tata

Blooming Sun

Cole Grigal

Stopping for a Snack

Mary Buist

Murphy's Law

Samay Dhawan

Rose Colored Glasses

Emma Barett

Mountain Sky

Suhani Patel


Sarah Bragger

Mammalian Dawn

Edward Zhu